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at Ekklessia
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Inside the the Worship experience...

What to Expect...

What to wear...

What about small children...

At Praise Nation, it is our custom to worship the Lord with High Energy! We endeavor at every occasion to exalt him through song, dancing, and other forms of exaltation. BE FREE! Praise is a benefit, and we offer you the atmosphere to praise God freely.
We hold no stipulations on your attire. Whether its a suit and tie, a nice dress, or simply a pair of jeans... Our ultimate goal is to allow you to feel comfortable in worship. There is ABSOLUTELY no pressure on you to dress any certain type of way.
We are proud to offer little Nation childrens ministry. On most Sundays and Wednesdays this ministry is available, if you so choose to utilize it. Your children ages 3-12 are allowed in the nursery during the delivery of God's word. They are safely returned to you for the reminder of the service.

Post Sermon...

Should I take Notes?

Will they put me on the spot?

Before the conclusion of each service you are given an opportunity to respond to the word of God, by: coming  to the altar for prayer, uniting with our church, and/or giving your life to God and recieving salvation through Jesus Christ.
Our Pastor has a special annointing to preach and teach God's word. We strongly believe that the principles presented on a regular basis are food for life. You are encouraged to write them down, apply them,  in order to receive full benefit of Gods word! 
The answer here is simple. "No."  We are always excited to have guests, because of that we make a point to always acknowledge our visitors. We will not, however, force you to stand or speak if you would rather not. 


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